Meet The Team


Neanta Parnell

Licensed Massage Therapist

Neanta is massage therapist and yoga teacher with a giant heart.  As a highly empathetic individual, Neanta works to provide a holistic approach to her massage; an integrative approach including Thai, sports, Swedish, myofascial, decompression, and gua sha modalities. Her clients often describe her application as intuitive, deep, and refreshing.


Neanta is currently working on a masters in professional writing and completing the Sarga Bodywork massage certification.


She loves thunderstorms, reading scary comics, and experimenting in the kitchen. On her days off, you can find her in a barre or hot yoga class working on defining her abs. Ask her about her fur-babies on your next visit.


Diane Vreeland she/her

Licensed Massage Therapist

Diane has been a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) since 2005. She provides intuitive, therapeutic massage therapy and bodywork, incorporating elements of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage and Shiatsu. Each session takes into account any acute or chronic issues as well as the client's specific intentions in that moment. The goal is always to promote self-healing and encourage body awareness. 


For the past four years, she has been training to be a Core Energetics practitioner, which is a type of somatic psychotherapy that encourages the healing of energetic and emotional blocks in the body.

Diane is warm, present and pragmatic.  In her spare time she loves to explore the city and also to be in nature as much as possible.




Shakia Canada

Shakia is naturally attuned to others. Massage has allowed her to fully show up and assist people on their wellness journeys. Her approach to massage is integrative, using various techniques based on the need of each individual client while working intuitively and intentionally. Having clients feel heard, respected, and comfortable while getting their massage needs met is integral to her work.  

Prior to massage, Shakia was a journalist working in television news.  Outside of work, she loves being in nature, reading, listening to music, writing, volunteering, and traveling. She loves art + crafting. She is an animal lover (her favorite is her tiny dog, Sassy). 

Licensed Massage Therapist


Sarah Hummel

Licensed Massage Therapist

Sarah is the Founder + Curator of FORMATION. For the last 10 years she has dedicated herself to learning healing modalities to bring relief, comfort, and ease to her clients.  She uses a practical understanding of Anatomy + Physiology coupled with an empathic awareness of the body. Her work is firm + grounded with slow, long movements that follow the inner rhythms of the body for long lasting relief from pain + stress.  Her focus is on lengthening the fascia (deep connective tissue within and around the muscles) and communicating with the parasympathetic nervous system for relaxation and to reset the hectic high energy that often comes with the modern urban lifestyle.


Sarah loves to laugh, hug, bask in nature and spend time with high vibrational people, including her 2 very awesome kids.  The mottos that she lives by:  
1. Never ever stop learning
2. It's not personal
3. You reach your greatest power when you are most humble

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Maddie Tavernier

Artist + Sauna Attendant

Maddie is not only the most kind and genuine person on the plant, she is also a super talented artist, maker, and teacher. Her work is currently based in textiles, but anything she does while creating with her my hands makes her happy. She has a deep respect for the practice of self-care and loves to connect with her body + mind. As a long time client before she joined our team, Maddie is the perfect person to tend to our space and all of our guests who visit. She is forever a student, and finds great joy in learning new things.


She is into long distance running, traveling, yoga, and spending time with her dog and awesome partner.



Licensed Massage Therapist

WE ARE HIRING Massage Therapists, licensed and insured in PA. We'd love to have you join us. 


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